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Replacement Part Types

Various computers require various parts to repair their displays. As our goal is to list all the available display parts for each individual computer, your specific project may require only the select few parts. Below we break down the kinds of parts that are listed on our site:

LCD Screen

The most common type of the replacement part. Simple computers with-out special touch enabled hardware or bezel-to-bezel glass would use the LCD Screen replacement part to mend the broken one.

Touch Digitizer

Some computers use a glass overlay to provide the touch functionality. The part on top of the LCD is called the digitizer, and it usually becomes part of the front facing bezel. In such cases you need to determine if only the digitizer of the LCD or both need to be replaced.

LCD Screen + Touch Digitizer

Some computers integrate the digitizer together with the LCD. It may not be practical to replace these parts separately on some computers due to the original factory optical glue connecting the two, so we will list a combined part.

On-Cell Touch Display

Newer computers use LCD modules with integrated touch-screen functionality directly on-to the LCD. Such modules look just like regular LCD screens, and the only difference between them is the wider connector on the touch version.

Glass Protector

Some computers use a decorative piece of glass over the LCD. Such parts can be referred to as bezel-to-bezel glass, or Infinity display. It is just a glue-on heavy grade screen protector.

Frameless LCD Matrix

Ultra light computers with very thin displays may integrate parts fo the traditional LCD modules like the backlight and optical diffusers in to the back-cover. In case the LCD is broken, only the Matrix part of the LCD module is replaced.

Display Assembly

Some computers use very complex manufacturing processes to create a sealed display unit which is easier to replace as one item. Such parts will be easy to install, but will be more expensive due to the included peripherals like the webcam, wi-fi antenne, microphones, etc.

LCD Screen + Touch Digitizer + Bezel

Very similar to an LCD + Touch Digitizer combo, such parts would also include the front facing bezel as part of the replacement unit.

Touch Digitizer + Bezel

Similar to a Touch Digitizer, such parts also include the bezel.

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